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Win-ProLi  v.1.7

During the last years I used a small AppleWorks database for the administration of my projects ("Mac-HaBu", "Win-HaBu", "Bambini"...). In this database I entered all descriptions of functions and errors, sorted by version and program. Also the actual

Win-HaBu  v.11.2

Win-HaBu is an easy to use accounting program with an integrated Invoice module. The accounting is in each company a very sensitive part. On the one side it must fulfill legal conditions. On the other hand an accounting program should be very easy

Win Data Recovery Free  v.

Win Data Recovery Free is a comprehensive data recovery software to recover data on major windows operating system. It recovers files emptied from the Recycle Bin, lost due to hard drive crash, formatted or damaged hard drive, virus infection and

SharpShooter Reports.Win  v.6.0.0

SharpShooter Reports is a reporting component that helps you create flexible reports and easily integrate them into your Win apps. It supports a variety of industry-standard export formats including PDF, HTML, Excel, Word, RTF, and more. An advanced

Bet For Win  v.1.0

BET FOR WIN is a software that can be used to elaborate bet systems, inserting conditionings and reductions. Is useful to reduce the cost of a system and maximize the winning

Fight Win Prevail  v.1.0

Fight Win Prevail is a vehicle-based multiplayer first person

Ulib-win  v.1.0

ulib-win contains some useful C++ class wrappers for windows

Win-bash  v.86

win-bash is port of the GNU bash for Microsoft Windows NT based systems. It is independent from the cygwin library and any other non-standard DLL and does not need any registry variables. win-bash is based on bash_nt from Mountain Math

Win-BOS-Dekoder  v.0.0.2

The Win-BOS-Dekoder is developed do be able to decode ZVEI-, POCSAG- and FMS-transmissions used in Germany by BOS. It runs under any

Four Win Three Dimensional  v.1.0

Four Win Three Dimensional is an offline board game. I want to know which player has an advantage from the very beginning. There might be once a program to play four win against a computer with graphical frontend.

TenForTwo 32-Bit Win/Linux E-Mail Client  v.1.0

TenForTwo has already been through 3 major interations. It was a closed source Win32 E-Mail client. Now, I will realize, what I planned months ago: build the ultimate Win & Linux E-Mail client that will be easy - stable - secure.

Style Win 7 Theme  v.1.4

Who likes the style of Windows 7 offer a new version of Win 7 Style 1.

WIN HTTP Sender  v.2.5.1

Send HTTP Tool is a HTTP Request generator that works as a HTTP Client and sender that allows you to analyze the HTTP response.

WIN INQUIRY  v.1.03.1

The WIN INQUIRY program doesn't need any additional installation process.

Ln-win  v.1.0

ln-win is a drop-in replacement for the unix ln command on Windows.

Win Key View  v.1.0

Win key view retrieves your windowsdlT«

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